"This experience for our group was just spot on. Each person grew so much as individuals.

Our time at the local school was amazing and the eco tour was one of the best educational experiences I have ever seen - fun and education mixed into one.

The activities and the accommodation at the campsite was better than anyone could have expected.

Thank you to all our new friends at Camp Tbeng. We'll see you in 12 months."

- A Baker, Teacher -



Explore village life, relax under the swaying branches of a palm tree; read, listen to music, play cards and breathe in Tbeng life.

Looking for more adventure?
Explore the local surrounds on foot or bike, learn the art of traditional noodle making at a local house or experience rural life by participating in our eco tour.

Want a variety of experiences?
At Camp Tbeng we are not just a place for you to rest your head. We want you to experience as much as possible and have many activities which we can organise for you including:

  • Chat to and have a Q&A with a victim of a landmine.
  • Enjoy a soccer match with the local students.
  • Try some traditional Khmer games
  • Partake in a Khmer language lesson.
  • Partake in a lesson about Cambodian history.
  • Enjoy a cooking lesson.
  • Learn traditional Cambodian dancing.
  • Enjoy a campfire after dinner.
  • Interact with the local children.

Why not take a cycling tour or let us take you to the many impressive historical sites and cultural experiences, only a stones throw from Tbeng Village:

  • Banteay Srei temple
  • Phnom Kulen mountain
  • Kbal Spean
  • Beng Mealea
  • Tani Ceramic Museum
  • Angkor complex


Our active mission at Camp Tbeng is to enact change, both locally within the Tbeng village community and individually through a sense of self giving to others.