Community and Conservation

"Come for the adventure, but leave with a sense of achievement."

Our active mission at Camp Tbeng is to enact change, both locally within the Tbeng village community and individually through a sense of self giving to others. One day, one week, one month, regardless of how long you stay, your presence is about starting the journey of change.


At the heart of helping others and making a lasting, life-long impact is our community service projects.

At Camp Tbeng, we can facilitate many different service opportunities, allowing the groups that visit us a real opportunity to roll up their sleeves and make a difference. By participating in community service programs, students in particular gain an increased sense of social development, as it affords them the opportunity to form opinions and place a human face to many of the issues they simply read about in the news.

Construction projects such as those undertaken at local schools have provided important infrastructure, allowing students to access better quality education and resources, enabling them to gain further opportunities and a greater likelihood of reaching their full potential.

Other activities that we can provide include, but are certainly not limited to; building projects in the local community, health education workshops, volunteering in local schools, beautification projects or active participation with local youth through play and/or the arts.

The impact for the local community is significant, but the change experienced by our students and guests is exponential.


Our habitat restoration projects help replenish the damage caused to the local ecosystem through past deforestation and hunting. Reforesting not only helps return the environment to its original beauty, but also encourages some of the world’s most endangered wildlife to return.

Planting sources of food, such as banana and mango trees, are vital for the future of the village people.


Camp Tbeng provides employment for the local residents, further enhancing the link between the community and our guests. We promote education and in particular the teaching of English as we understand that it is instrumental in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Our water filtration systems provide clean and safe drinking water for the local community and we welcomely open our doors for special events such as engagements, weddings and religious festivals.